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As a military police officer forty-four years ago, author W. Richard Viall made a traffic stop of an evangelical Christian woman. The interaction with her serendipitously raised his curiosity about the end times, and throughout his thirty-seven-year career in law enforcement, he maintained his curiosity regarding the subject.

Ultimately, Richard learned many mainstream Christians regard the fictional account of end times in the Left Behind series of books as fact. He truly wishes the initial rapture would be as easy as the books make it out to be. But he sees nothing in the Bible to indicate that.

Based on logic and allegorical and literal interpretation, The Next Medo-Persian Empire presents Richard’s deductions on the prophecy. He discusses what will happen in the time leading up to the rapture and during the last seven years after. He explains the signs leading to the end and how the next Medo-Persian Empire will be
one of those signs.

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